3 Things To Know About Before Moving To Alaska

Dated: January 9 2020

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The tranquility, clean air, fascinating wilderness, and community are one of the reasons many would want to move to Alaska. But there is more to Alaska than them so learn more what it really means to live in an Alaskan community and how people live on it every day.


The contrast in the way of life is one of the most interesting things in Alaska. There are only over 700,000 people living in Alaska though it is one of the largest states in the United States. 

People are most a bit laid back and love to maintain traditions as native heritage history and culture are spread out throughout the state. Most are surprised by the broad mix of cultures from different countries and languages. People also mostly choose function over fashion and many other things that may seem different compared to other parts of the US.

The Sun

The way the sun shines in this state is quite different from nearly 24-hour darkness during winter and to nearly 24-hour of sunlight in summer. Some may find this a bit disturbing for their body clocks and may find it hard to adjust to their everyday routine.

Last year, many Alaskans whished they have air conditioners installed in their homes during the summer and wished winter is over when it was winter. Yep, the climate is that complicated.

You may have to adjust some of your routines and be intentional in planning your activities to let your body cope on too much darkness and daylight.

The Expense

People may have heard of Alaskans getting dividends from the state oil production or getting a better minimum pay rate etc, in the contrary, Alaska has a high cost of living.

Everything has to be imported from the mainland, most items are priced higher than usual so you may find expenses can really add up. Some fly to the mainland to shop and they may take advantage of free bag costs offered by some airlines. You may have to be creative on having plenty of ways to get around the expenses.

These are just some of the main things that you may need to adjust to when you move to Alaska but we personally think that overall,  Alaska is still a lovely place to live.

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