4 Things First Time Millennial Home Buyers Should Know About

Dated: October 30 2018

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From my previous blog, I detailed four things why every Millenial should consider buying a home right now. If you are a Millenial who decided to do so here in Alaska, I am glad you did – it’s for the best!

Aside from these 4 tips in buying a home and improving you credit score to help you in your home buying, below are some extra tips support a Millenial like you into entering the housing market.

Study the Market

To get a solid idea on how much you can expect to pay a home with each similar specifications, make sure to know exactly what other homes are listed and selling for in around the area. Make yourself informed in all the process. Your agent may come in handy with this and will also help you work through the terms of the contract.

Do not rely on real estate photos

It's 2018 and everything is available online. Everyone takes photos of everything so it is in the real estate. Photos can be tricky!!! So just like how it is when you're checking photos in social media, be sure to discern which are real and fake. 

How do you that in real estate? You have to take time and go look at the property in person. Wide angles can make a room bigger or editing can be done to make it look nicer than it actually is. Or it can look ugly in photos and can have a lot of potential in real life.

As a millennial, you are drawn to aesthetically eye-candy homes and decor but don't forget that you can make some changes on the look of the house so you should also consider that.

Get ready for a financial or should I say life adjustment

It will be expensive. Yes, you read that right, for now... You know how the housing market goes... it goes real quick. A few years from now you will find your mortgage is as cheap as the rentals in the market. And for that, you will thank yourself that you decided to get your own home as early as now.

Also, it can be a bit overwhelming at first especially when you just moved in and you have to change a lot of things to match your preference. But don't worry, you will soon settle down and see that everything is going according to what you hoped for.

Don't let others’ opinions get to you

As a millennial, what other people say about you can have a big impact. Some might say that getting a home is a bad decision and that would just be a money pit in this economy, but hey! In the end, you just have to remember the very reasons you got yourself a home and with that, it will be so worth it.

So, are you a millennial looking for a home to buy in Alaska? Call us at (907) 570-6757 or 907-720-4663 so we can help you find your dream home in the area.

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