5 Reasons to Invest In Single-Family Rental Homes This 2019

Dated: February 5 2019

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Are you hesitating of investing in real estate? The rental market is one of the best investment investors can have. Read on to know some of the reasons why you need to invest a single-family home this 2019.

Investing in real estate especially with single-family homes work well for many investors. You will get a monthly rent from your tenant/s to either pay for the mortgage if you got it through financing or invest it to somewhere else if you bought it cash.

Single-family home rental investment is not as risky as the stock market. Owning rental house leverage is five-to-one compared to the two-to-one in stocks. Also, a house is tangible where you can actually touch and see it compared to the stock market.

The rental market is hot this 2019. That is because primarily, there are so many renters looking for houses for rent right now. Majority of them are low or middle-income families who like to live in independent houses.

Low unemployment boosts the housing market. The housing market is currently healthy and this may give an additional boost with the single-family rental market too. There is an interest rate hike expected for this year too and this can potentially keep home buyers focused on rentals.

Renter profiles are changing. First are the millennials are ready to move out of their parent's basements. These are the people who are ready to move out and live independently but can't afford to buy their own home yet. Second are those who prioritize flexibility. And third are those people who are ready to buy but still is waiting for the right time or the market to soften a little in the future.

Keep in mind that in all investments, knowledge is important. Be sure to pay attention and know each investment you are investing to.

If you are ready to look for a home to buy for investment especially around Alaska, call us (907) 570-6757 or 907-720-4663.

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