5 Tips To Move Safely During a Pandemic

Dated: April 29 2020

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The global pandemic is affecting everyone and the real estate industry has not been spared. However, people will continue to move whether to downsize to save rent money, relocate to the suburbs, or for whatever reason, some people just really need to move forward and relocate.

Professional movers are even considered as an essential service in this current pandemic. With that, here are some things to consider if you are planning to move.


1. Be flexible

If you have the flexibility to reschedule it, wait for the pandemic to subside and remain where you are for now.  If you can push your move to a later date, you can help you and your family of contracting the virus.


2. Get a Virtual Estimate

Instead of having the movers visit your home to provide an estimate on the amount of your furniture, other home items, doorways, stairs, and elevators to be used, try having a video call walkthrough and provide measurements for them to get an estimate.


3. Boxes

It is safer to use newly bought boxes than the used ones. If you have available boxes at home, use them instead. Coronavirus has the ability to remain active on surfaces including cardboards so get brand new moving boxes is highly recommended.


4. Plan and be ready

It is better to pack ahead. Also, make sure to know if the moving company is taking proper precautions in avoiding any potential risk of getting or spreading the virus and coordinate with them. Be sure to reserve the elevator loading/unloading dock and parking if needed ahead of time to reduce contact with others.


5. Protect yourself and others

Make sure to wear gloves and a mask in public. It is better to protect yourself as if everyone around you is infected. Better be safe than sorry. Be sure to maintain distance or avoid contact with people. Disinfect EVERYTHING before packing and unpacking anything. 


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