6 DIYs For When You're Stuck At Home

Dated: May 18 2020

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1. Restyle your Shelves

Bothered when staring at your shelves? Lots of shelves' inspiration are available on Pinterest that you can easily try out. Restyling your shelves can easily add a refreshing feeling while you're staying more at home. 

2. Professional-Grade Curtains

Both functional and decorative curtains, drapes, or blinds are an essential part of any room design. So since you'll have lots of time, why not try a DIY professional-grade curtain you've been dreaming to get for so long. There are lots of videos available on Youtube if you want some tutorials. 

3. Hang some art. 

Art has been with us since the beginning of history. There must be some important reason behind it, don't you think? This is also your chance to get creative, so don't be afraid to let your personality shine through as you display those lovely arts you bought. You bought them so show them off! 

4. Organize your spices.

Well, one of the most visited places in our home right now is the kitchen. We really love to eat out but because of the recent happenings, many of us became instant chefs recently. Many are trying out their old family recipes so lots of cooking means lots of ingredients and spices needed which are a little tricky to store, so this lifehack from Reddit can be an insanely simple solution to an annoying problem.

5. Cover up an old appliance

Staying at homemade you feel to throw and change that old appliance away. But before you do that, be sure to check if you can still do something about it. Perhaps it just needs some cleaning or repainting to make it look as good as new? Check this Easy Appliance Makeover Ideas from Sears perhaps? And a lot more others from youtube and Pinterest if you must!

6. Make candles and soaps

Ha! You now have all the time to take that long bath you've been planning of. Making candles and soap are therapeutic from it's making up to when you're using them, so I guess, it's worth a try, don't you think? There are healthier options too like soy candles and natural ingredients soaps you can make out there (Where else but Pinterest

What other ideas do you have while staying at home?


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