Before You Buy Land in Alaska, Read This First!

Dated: September 27 2018

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Are you thinking of buying land in Alaska? The process of purchasing land is generally more simple compared to a home purchase. Buying land can also be more lucrative as an investment strategy.


Your purpose for the land


Determine what you’d like to do with the land. Is it for the purpose of investing or do you plan to build? This will greatly affect what and where to buy.


There are many factors to consider if you are going the investment route. If you are building a home, be sure to study the comparables in the neighborhood. Is it more cost effective to buy versus build? Are you set on having a custom built home? What suits you and your family’s lifestyle? We can help you work through these thoughts and come to the best decision – call us at 907-720-4663.


Understand local zoning requirements


Check with your local city hall’s building department about zoning ordinances in the neighborhood. Be sure that they allow for building of the type of property you want before committing to anything. The city hall can also inform you on future growth plans in the neighborhood. If the zoning board at the city is currently working on approval of a large shopping mall a mile away, that might affect your decisions today! Lastly, some parcels of land are sold with planning permission already granted so be wary of any restrictions that may affect your plans.


Investigate the land's history


Learning the history of a property site is vital. You will want to know how it's been used in the past and determine if anything could potentially affect your plans for the use of the land. We recommend an inspection by a third party environmental site assessment company to thoroughly safeguard yourself before going through with the deal.


Learn the amenities and public utilities connected to the land


Be sure to check if the land is easily accessible for utilities such as water, sewer, drainage, electricity and gas for future use. Check potential hazards like flood risks, fire, etc. How about its elevation? Is the land likely to move? How's the smell and noise of the location? Do you have easy road access?


Get help from a pro


An experienced real estate professional will help you navigate the finer details of purchasing land without stress. Let us handle the negotiation to get you the best deal possible and make your experience a joy.


We are always available. Call us (907) 570-6757 or 907-720-4663. 

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