The Truth About Living In A Condo

Dated: August 13 2018

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Are you in the market to purchase your next home? If so, you may be asking yourself- is getting a condo the better choice for me?

Living in a condo has its advantage and disadvantages. Read on to see if condo living fits your lifestyle and current needs.


Pro:, fitness center, clubhouse and sauna would be expensive to add and maintain for a single family house. But these amenities usually come with condos. Access to these great features can really enhance your daily life!

Con: The downside? If you rarely use these nice amenities or you’re just not that interested in them, you still have to pay for it as a part of you association fees.


Pro: This is a big appeal when living in a condo since your association will take care of most, if not all of your maintenance and repair needs. You won’t have to cut the grass, fix the roof or even think about snow removal. It’s all taken care of!

Con: You may not have the ability to assess on your own when maintenance and repairs are needed. In some situations, there might be special assessment charges for unexpected repairs.


Pro: Some condos have locked entry doors for added security and higher end condos may be in a gated area.

Con: For some, there may be less privacy since there is always staff or neighbors around common areas.


Pro: You’re living in close proximity with other people and belong in the condo community. You’ll find yourself being more active and involved. There are lot of chances for engagement and relationship building around the lobby, pool, lounge and gym. Most condos put on social events for residents as well.

Con: You can’t pick your neighbors and they are just on the other side of the wall! Everyone needs to be considerate of noise levels.


Pro: Some condos are more affordable than owning a home — and monthly costs may be equivalent to renting depending on where you live.

Con: Over time, the cost of the condo association and related fees may increase. Amenities may also change. Certain inclusions can be taken away.

We hope this list helps you in your decision when deciding whether to purchase a house or condo. Your decision will ultimately be based on location, lifestyle and how you view certain freedoms and restrictions on condo living versus owning a house.


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